Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Clients

Landmark Technologies has over a decade of experience in the City of London - here's what some of our clients have to say

Excellent telephony services

"The Avaya phone system delivers excellent telephony services and we have had no problems with Internet connectivity. We regularly deliver technical demonstrations in the Suites and they have run smoothly."
Leon Stafford, Sales Director - Live Ops

Fast, reliable, secure and affordable

"Fast, reliable, secure and affordable with immediate and courteous support"
Ian Wheal, Managing Director - Prime Personnel

Efficient, friendly and patient

"Efficient and friendly service, and overall patient when we have had to change appointments at the last moment due to business activity"
Faye Newman, Office Manager - Visocap

No task is too small or too large

"Flexibility. No task is too small or too large. They have a "we'd be delighted to" attitude not a can do attitude"
Ian Pearson, CEO - Ballintrae

Extremely helpful in obtaining new kit

"The Landmark Technologies have been very helpful during our stay. We have been quite demanding at times due to security issues and tight deadlines and Landmark Technologies have done their utmost to keep up! They were extremely helpful in obtaining any new kit we needed and always went beyond the call of duty to deliver on time"
Katherine Webb, EA and office Manager - Salz Review

Cloud services are easier to manage

"Cloud services including telephony, video conferencing and Internet access are easier to manage than investing in proprietary systems that can be costly to manage and maintain. Opex v Capex in today’s austere environment is our preferred financial model"
Greg Roberts, UK Sales Director - Precise 

They helped me purchase our hardware

"I have had a very good experience with Landmark Technologies, they have helped me in the purchase of our hardware, setting it up with our software, and connecting in to WiFi, and our photocopier. They have always been incredibly helpful and responsive when called upon to help"
Benjamin Macfarlane, Director Ben - Macfarlane & Co Ltd

Prompt and efficient support

"Prompt and efficient support on the few occasions when problems have occurred"
David Jennings, Operating Officer, Sigma information Services Ltd    

A service that is tailored to clients

"From a practical - and financial - point of view, the IT service that Landmark Technologies offers can be tailored to exactly what the client needs so that we are paying for only what we use"
Catherine Parkes, Office Manager - Hawksmoor Search