Cloud Christmas – How to Work from Home Over the Holidays

Cloud Christmas – How to Work from Home Over the Holidays

Christmas is a time to spend with your family but business doesn't stop and work needs to be done, even if you are spending time away from the office. We are fortunate, therefore, to live an age when cloud technologies can provide a secure means of accessing sensitive office data from any location.

Many business owners are rightfully wary of the security hazards inherent in online communications in the cloud. They may be faster and more efficient but there are ways that data in the cloud can become compromised. All projects in the cloud are encrypted and files are encrypted before being sent to the cloud to be shared, they remain encrypted during transit and once in the cloud, they are usually encrypted again. Despite this, hackers can still sometimes get in.

The truth is that there is no such thing as 100% security, but by speaking to experts like those at Landmark Technologies, you can learn about best practices and the safest ways to make good use of all the fantastic opportunities that cloud computing offers.

Each employee can easily log in to a CMS and access the files they need to work on, while levels of access can be restricted so that specific employees can only access certain projects or files. Cloud based workflow is also ideal for online collaboration, so multiple employees can access the same project and see updates which are synchronised in real-time. This saves you from messy piles of documents, many versions of which contain numerous changes made by different employees.

Some of the best cloud based project management systems that we recommend include Yammer, Trello and Basecamp. These all allow employees to collaborate across departments even when using totally different devices and working from home over the holidays. File sharing, discussions that would otherwise result in lengthy email threads, task assignment and deadline calendars are all provided by these cloud based solutions.

If you already make use of a CMS and are worried that adapting to a cloud based solution will disrupt the workflow, you needn't be. Many of these cloud based systems can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment with minimal impact to your business.

During the holidays, your work hours might be unpredictable. Having 24/7 online access to your work through the cloud means that you can finish projects in between opening presents and spending time with the family. Live synchronisation also prevents time being wasted due to email delays and miscommunication on critical project updates.

You can even use your mobile to sneak a peek under the table during a lengthy Christmas dinner to see how a project is progressing. Such convenient access to your work results in minimal disruption to your holiday.

If you’d like to learn more about working from home using cloud based solutions then speak to Landmark Technologies. Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7977 7707 or email

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