How to promote your SME on social media

Promoting your SME on social media

How to promote your SME on social media

The scale and potential of free online promotion has never been so great. Although promotion on social media is much easier when you have a budget, a lot can be achieved without spending a penny. Larger businesses can afford to pay to extend the reach of posts on platforms such as Facebook, but SME owners with a restricted marketing budget can achieve great results for no cost.

Content is the key to growing your social media channels, but you do need followers before anyone will see your posts. The tips below will help you get started and promote your SME on social media.

Use Your Friends

It may seem unprofessional to invite all your friends and family to like your social media pages but it’s the best way to get the ball rolling. Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts grow organically as people share their content, but that can’t happen until you overcome the initial hump of 50-100 followers. Send out an invitation to everyone on your contacts list because only 5% or 10% will actually click like/follow/subscribe.

Effective Branding

Some start-ups have a logo designed before their first day of business while others seem to put off branding until the last minute. When it comes to social media like LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter etc., you will need two designs; the logo which should look good even as a small thumbnail, and the cover image/header which is larger and should match the logo aesthetically.

The look and design of your social media profile is key to a successful campaign. Ask yourself what your company represents and is trying to achieve and make sure that your branding reflects this.

The brand voice, which is the tone and language you use in marketing and online communications, should reflect the image being portrayed in the visual branding. Are you quirky and informal or corporate and professional? In either case, you must find a way to humanise the posts so they don’t seem cold and automated. Your followers/subscribers should feel able to engage directly with your business in the comments and you must be ready to respond to them.

SME brand

Monitor Algorithm Changes

You will notice that some posts consistently outperform others on different social media platforms. This isn’t necessarily because your followers prefer them, but actually because the algorithm favours them. Social media companies occasionally change their algorithms, so you need to monitor what they are doing. For example, Facebook announced in autumn 2014 that they would favour link posts with an image attached rather than photo posts with a link in the description. The page managers who prepared for this change were reportedly enjoying three times more organic traffic by February 2015.

The number of likes your page has also affects the reach of the posts. Your page might reach 16% of your followers if you have 9000 likes, but this could drop to just 6% when you reach 10,000 likes and less than 2% if you have more than 500,000 likes. These cuts are imposed on larger pages to encourage them to pay for reach but there are loopholes. The aforementioned preference for link posts over images only seems to apply to pages with more than 10k likes. Posting images actually works better for smaller pages, but you should change your strategy as you grow.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Newsroom to monitor announcements regarding the algorithm and check out their best practices for posting here. You can also learn about Twitter algorithm changes on this support page. 

Although you don’t have to pay to benefit from any of these tips, you should remember that managing social media profiles takes time and that time is money. You won’t see any growth on your LinkedIn business page unless you are actually posting updates with valuable content and there is little point in having a YouTube channel unless you intend to frequently create new video content for your subscribers. Each social channel must be regularly updated in order to be effective so you must first determine how much time you can afford to allocate to social media marketing. Make sure you prioritise the social channels that are most relevant to your marketing strategy.

To learn more about how your business can leverage social media and other online solutions, talk to Landmark Technologies on or call +44(0) 207 977 7707      .

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