Advance Features

Advance Services

Advance Features

We offer a number of advanced services to enable businesses to efficiently communicate with their clients

Popular services include:

Meet me Conference Centre - Conference service up to 6 people from your landline
Auto Attendant - Pre-recorded messages that give the caller options of where they want the call to be directed - i.e. press 1 for sales, 2 for ...
Reception Answering Services - Personalised business answering via Landmark reception
External Call Flow Management - Manage external call flows so the calls automatically go to the correct person / department
Basic Mobile Twinning - Mobile & desk phone ring simultaneously
Voicemail to Email - Receive voicemail messages as an audible email attachment
Voice Recording - Record incoming and outgoing calls
Push to Record - (Requires voice mail) start recording your call at any time
Automated answering menu - We offer a personalised automated greeting message with interactive options for efficient call handling
Company main telephone number - One main memorable number to promote across all general company communications
Efax - Send and receive faxes via email from anywhere in the world

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