Internet & Connectivity

Internet & Connectivity

Internet & Connectivity

We design and deliver robust and resilient client infrastructure, creating always-on platforms to support businesses.

Entire spectrum of connectivity

We have a range of options covering the entire spectrum of connectivity, from high performance internet to fully managed global networks.

Reliable connectivity is key to our clients, so all of our services are covered by our comprehensive service with our in house engineers proactively monitoring every client circuit round the clock

Internet & Connectivity Solutions:


We offer a number of different internet connection options and can provide from straight connections to fully managed networks, for more information, click here.


Reliable, secure and accessible - Our promise to clients who use our hosting infrastructure - for more information, click here.

Online Backup

A seamless easy way to back up company information to a secure data centre, mirrored to a second data centre to ensure absolute protection from the unforeseen - for more information, click here.


We know security is paramount which is why we provide state of the art managed firewalls and partner with companies such as Symantec to deliver world class enterprise security to every size of business.

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