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Technology Workshops

Did you know that your telephone can twin with your mobile?

Telephony Workshops

We hosted free Telephony Workshops this Summer with an aim to help clients get more value out of their telephony services that they already pay for, plus gain insight on the services available, such as Mobile Twinning.

Topics Covered:

The Telephony Workshops demonstrated the breadth of available features on their telephone system and how they can be utilised to improve responsiveness & mobility within their work place environment.

Principle Features:

Clients learnt about features such as forwarding calls to extensions; forwarding calls in specific circumstances; how to appear as one business number and setting calls to dial through a number of extensions.

Advanced Features:

They found out about the new conference service; mobile twinning; how to receive messages as email attachments and manage call forwards & flows externally.

New Features:

They also discovered new /up and coming features such as using your handset remotely and BYOD/ Mobile Integration.

If you missed these workshops and would like to find out more details or perhaps book on to the next set of workshops later this year, please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 020 7977 7707

Next up

Running the workshops four times a year, the Landmark Technologies team will assist clients in getting more out of their software as well as advise, update and inform of technology changes that will impact businesses.

To register your interest or for further information, contact us on or call 020 7977 7707