Onsite Server

Onsite Server

Onsite Server

Have you or are you looking to invest in an onsite server, but are not equipped to employ it?

End-to-End Solution

Landmark Technologies have a specialist project team that can manage the entire end-to-end solution of designing, configuring and implementing an on-site server.

Why us?  We will:

Help enable a faster, smoother implementation of your server and storage technology

Implement your system components to help reduce costs

Plan an implementation designed to reduce business disruption risks

Coordinate physical planning and configuration sessions

Verify product testing, reducing the need for additional in-house resources

Provide you with contracting options to help support your dynamic staffing requirements

Generate fixed prices to help reduce the complexities and costs that arise during the implementation process

Give you basic instruction to help increase your employee understanding of key implementation aspects and product features

For more information please don't hesitiate to contact LetsTalk@lmktec.co.uk or call 020 7977 7707