Free IT Audit

Free IT Audit

Free IT Audit

Perhaps your company’s IT system does what you need it to. It’s adequate, passable, and sufficient. But don’t you wonder how it could be better? Whether you’re maintaining it correctly? If there’s anything you should do differently?

We’ll audit your business IT for free

We offer a free business IT Audit, where we will examine your IT infrastructure and systems used, and produce a report, explaining what’s working well and suggest what areas of your technology infrastructure could be improved.

What does the IT Audit include?

When you request a free business IT Audit, one of our qualified engineers will spend up to half a day examining your entire business IT system. From individual PCs to servers, software and your internet connection, we will give you useful, expert advice on selected areas that we feel may need to be addressed - these include:

Hardware - Do you have enough disk space? Are your computers fast enough? Is everything set up and working properly?
Software - Are you installing and using software efficiently? Is there anything you can do to make your existing software more effective?
Network - Is your network working ok? Do you have an adequate internet connection? Is it easy to access systems from other places?
Security - How easy would it be for a virus to embed themselves onto your IT systems? Are you vulnerable to hackers or other malicious software?
Backups - Are you taking regular backups of your most important data? Do they work properly? (You’d be surprised how many don’t)
Updates - How current is your software? Have you missed out on any important updates or patches?
Policies - How are your IT procedures and policies looking? Are they well documented and followed by your staff?

From this, we will develop and implement a solution/s based on our findings, which we will present to you in a digestable report with no obligation.

Interested? For more information please don't hesitiate to contact or call 020 7977 7707